Carducci Dual Sport SC3 Gera Baja Sportster

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Frame: 2003 Sportster with reconstructed subframe for long travel suspension
Swingarm: CDS billet aluminum truss structure +3” extended
Top End: Hammer Perf 1275cc 10.5:1 CR w/ reverse dome pistons & big fin cylinders
Motor Work: Hammer Perf modified 883 heads with big valves, beehive springs, Ti retainers, and intake manifold. S&S lifters, Mikuni HSR45 carb, EnergyOne clutch,  Drag Spec sealed magnet rotor, Cycle Electric 22amp/600C stator, Cycle Electric 22amp voltage reg, AllBalls 1.4KW starter
Forks: WP XACT Pro 7548 with RaceTech gold valving & reduced travel spacers
Fork Springs: RaceTech 0.73kg/mm shortened
Wheels: Woodys 18”/21” Excel Takasago rims, Woodys Superlight hubs, Outex tubless system
Lights: Baja Designs Squadron Racer headlight and 2x Squadron Racer Spot/Flood running rights
Trees: CDS custom billet Aluminum
Bars: Pro Taper EVO Henry/Reed bend
Risers: CDS custom billet Aluminum with BRP integrated rubber vibration dampers
Tank: 5-gal IMS custom (and 6.3 gal Evan Wilcox hand formed aluminum custom)
Seat: Corbin custom with MX Control Tech contour
Fender: Front – KTM RFS, Rear – CDS custom Aluminum with tail rack & side toolcase racks
Rear Shocks: RaceTech G3-S custom series twin shocks, piggyback reservoirs, 15.5” long
Gearing: 25 front / 56 rear PBI sprockets
Exhaust: 2-into-1 Header hand made by BTR Moto Curt Winter, Leo Vince Muffler
Air cleaner: UNI 2-stage foam air filter with Outerwear precharger cover, Custom made “shortie” manifold. 3D printed version maniold in the works
Ignition: Dyna 2Ki programable
Rotors: Beringer 291mm front, 293mm rear
Brakes: Front - Beringer 4-piston Caliper Aerotec Axial, Rear – Beringer 4-piston Caliper: HD spec
Taillight: Acerbis dual sport LED
Footpegs: FASST Impact moto pegs with rubber damping

What made you want to build this bike?
Tony Gera’s vision. Google him, he’s a Baja 1000 Pro Ironman winner in 2016. He and I met thru a mutual friend and after him seeing one of my earlier builds, he had the crazy idea of building a more capable Sportster Baja race bike that he could ride to Baja from Santa Cruz CA, pre-run the race, race the Baja 1000, and then ride the bike back to Santa Cruz. After he pitched the idea, it took me about a minute to say, “Hell yeah! Let’s do it”!  Sadly, we never raced the bike, but out of the efforts, we built two bikes. One I ride all the time, and another that was sold locally to whom I’m in contact with and we trade ideas on new upgrades here and there. So, no more SC3’s are planned to be produced. Just the two rare birds in existence happily riding the roads and trails around CA.

Favorite memory on this bike?
Hard to pick just one, but some defining moments in the build were seeing the gas tank, both Alum and plastic, on the bike for the first time. Really changed the look. Then seeing the custom frame work done by Curt for the first time. This really made it more race capable with 10” travel front and rear. And then last but not least, was watching Tony Gera’s first ride on the prototype – big wheelie out of the driveway!

How much do you think you have invested in this bike?
Taking the 5th on this one. More than I’ll ever get back, but priceless in the experiences its given me.

People to thank for helping you get this bike together?
Many! Curt Winter BTR Moto for the frame, exhaust, and oil tank custom fab work. He’s an absolute legend!  IMS for taking on the plastic tank challenge. Took me a year to convince them to do it. Thanks Chris and team. Evan Wilcox for the hand  formed Alum gas tank. That was a defining moment seeing the finished tank on the bike – it was a beauty! Mike Corbin, Julio, Greg for the seat and numerous photo booth shoots. Hammer Dan for the time on the phone helping with all the motor builds. Cant say enough about Hammer Perf!  Chris at Woody’s helping with all my crazy wheels for this bike over the years. I have tubes, tubeless, and supermoto wheels for the bike. Frank at LUX Mfg for all the CNC custom parts I designed, Leo Vince for the help on the mufflers 

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Heath Pinters 1992 Harley Davidson FXR

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Frame- 1992 H-D FXR
Swing arm - Alloy Art
Motor - S&S V111
Fairing - Saddlemen Mini Fairing
Forks - Diamond Lane Tubes Performance Machine lowers
Fork Springs - Progressive
Wheels- Performance Machine Formulas 19 front - 18 rear
Light- Moons
Trees - Speed Merchant
Bars- Performance Machine
Risers - Performance Machine
Tank - 1992 FXR center fill
Seat- Saddlemen custom Step Up
Fender- Custom built by Heath
Rear Shocks - Progressive
Gearing - FXR Division rear sprocket
Exhaust- Suicide Machine Co, custom
Air cleaner- S&S
Rotors - Performance Machine Dominators
Brakes - Performance Machine 4 pistons
Taillight - Moons
Footpegs - FLO V2
Custom work -
I built all the body work and the bags… I painted it too.
What made me want to build this bike-
I have always liked FXRs and picked one up with out a real game plan. Shortly after I was invited on the FXR TOUR and the bike came together for the tour.
Favorite memory on this bike-
Ripping out to Texas on the FXR TOUR was a great trip full of solid memories.
How much do you think you have into this bike -
I honestly couldn’t say. I bought the bike for $3500.. Sold parts off it, had some parts and worked with friends on getting it all together.
People to thank-
Saddlemen, S&S, FXR Division, Baker Drivetrain, Suicide Machine Co, Performance Machine, Progressive, Diamond Lane, FLO, Alloy Art, Speed Merchant, Matty V, ODI
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Sick Bike Bro

FXR Sportster