Q: Do we accept returns?

A: No we do not, but we do exchange items such as shirts but they need to be un worn, brand new, no "new" smells, and we will help you. Email Shipping@RustyButcher.com


Q: Where is my damn order?

A: Shipping@RustyButcher.com Sometimes we are quick, sometimes we are not but we have never missed a order. Please be patient.


Q: OMG! Why does the black keychain scratch?!

A: Because the metal is coated, there for easier to scratch. Be careful. No returns for scratched items. 


Q: What happens if my item breaks?

A: Email us and we will fix or replace your wallet or keychain if we are at fault. Anytime. Forever.  Shipping@RustyButcher.com


Q: Why is shipping taking so long?

A; Because were only human and sometimes it does, we have never not shipped a item. 


Q: How do I find out more about your brand?

A: @RustyButcher on instagram


Q: Where can I complain about my order not getting here quick enough and send 20 emails about why its not here yet?

A: Eat Shit. Thank you.