Heath Pinters 1992 Harley Davidson FXR

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Frame- 1992 H-D FXR
Swing arm - Alloy Art
Motor - S&S V111
Fairing - Saddlemen Mini Fairing
Forks - Diamond Lane Tubes Performance Machine lowers
Fork Springs - Progressive
Wheels- Performance Machine Formulas 19 front - 18 rear
Light- Moons
Trees - Speed Merchant
Bars- Performance Machine
Risers - Performance Machine
Tank - 1992 FXR center fill
Seat- Saddlemen custom Step Up
Fender- Custom built by Heath
Rear Shocks - Progressive
Gearing - FXR Division rear sprocket
Exhaust- Suicide Machine Co, custom
Air cleaner- S&S
Rotors - Performance Machine Dominators
Brakes - Performance Machine 4 pistons
Taillight - Moons
Footpegs - FLO V2
Custom work -
I built all the body work and the bags… I painted it too.
What made me want to build this bike-
I have always liked FXRs and picked one up with out a real game plan. Shortly after I was invited on the FXR TOUR and the bike came together for the tour.
Favorite memory on this bike-
Ripping out to Texas on the FXR TOUR was a great trip full of solid memories.
How much do you think you have into this bike -
I honestly couldn’t say. I bought the bike for $3500.. Sold parts off it, had some parts and worked with friends on getting it all together.
People to thank-
Saddlemen, S&S, FXR Division, Baker Drivetrain, Suicide Machine Co, Performance Machine, Progressive, Diamond Lane, FLO, Alloy Art, Speed Merchant, Matty V, ODI

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