Treasure Hunting Harleys Part 1

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I think I should document some of these people I meet during my adventures of hunting Harleys ... Recently I came across a add on craigslist from a older guy name Malcolm. Malcolm is in LA area and I told him I was super interested in the bike (as everyone does on craigslist) and told him I would check it out the following day. He was suprised the next day that I actually showed up, then he surprised me. Malcolm is a true motorcycle enthusiast. He gave me the tour of his house that has tons of 4-5 foot wooden forts or sheds build stuff with bikes of all kinds. I ended up making a sweet fair deal on this sweet 1961 G motor Flathead stuffed in a earlier chassis. This bike has to be the coolest & the most entertaining bike I have ever owned. By the following day this barn find Harley was re wired and running down the street! Took me a few minutes to figure out this rocker clutch and hand shift business but I love it now! Thanks again Malcolm for the hospitality and also Jimmy for the rewire job! I recently scored a originally 45 springer and changed up the front end a little and added a killer mudflap I bought at the swap meet. New addition will be re covering a old bigger bates seat pan I just got in vintage black & white leather ribs for that perfect seat.. This bike is officially names "Black Beard" just for the simple fact that I love murdered out stuff and pirates. haha. Enjoy the photos.


-Mark "The Butcher"


Here is the bike as I bought it!




Here is the "updated" version. getting close but now near done!

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