The Street Reaper

This bike was built with one intent, to blow minds. This is might be one of the baddest sportsters every built. First off this project started with a generous donation of the gnarliest sporty motor you can buy out of the box, a SS Cycle 100in crate motor. Once I had this beast in my hands we knew what we had to do.. Ive always wanted to build the most obnoxious sportster and we defiantly did by far on this build. This bike is insanely lightweight as well as fast n sketch as all hell. She rides like some sort of death cycle from hell so I dubbed her the name "Street Reaper". 1650cc of pure evil. 
-Mark "The Butcher".

Frame: Stock  
Fairing: Deviant Fabrications FXRT fairing and leg lowers
Hard Bags: Rusty Butcher Hard Parts "COOL GUY" Bags
Motor: 100in S&S cycle crate motor
Clutch: Primo Rivera
Swingarm: Chromoly one off custom 
Forks: Ohlins 43mm conventional style forks 
Wheels: 18/19 alum. Lyndall "tracker" Wheels
Light: Speed King Steve Day maker 
Trees: The Speed Merchant 43mm
Throttle: Biltwell Whiskey 
Handgaurds: Cyca Pro bend
Tank: Fat bob Sporty tank
Seat: Saddlemen "Americano" with custom cover
Fender: Stock
Rear Shocks: FOX 13in dyna shocks with softer springs
Gearing: Lyndall Alum. rear with Lowbrow customs front
Exhaust: Cone Engineering Rusty Butcher designed 2 into 1
Air Cleaner: S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner 
Ignition: Dynatek Electronics
Rotors: Lyndall Brakes
Brakes: Brembo 
Taillight: Speed King Steve
Footpegs: RB Hard Parts
Paint: Valley Kustoms