The Butcher Hooligan Sportster

Cruising along one day on eBay I came across a motor that had a VIN number as "RACE USE ONLY" and from there... I knew I had to have it. I purchased the motor for around $700 bucks.. got it and tore it down to slap a fresh S&S hooligan kit and heads on it. Then escalated this beast quickly to the amazing hooligan thrashing machine you see before you. This bike is thin, light"ish" and ready to smash. We have been through hell and back and death do us part.



Frame: Stock  
Top End: S&S 1250cc Kit
Motor Work: Fueling Cams, Lifters, & Beehive Valve Springs, S&S Heads
Swingarm: Stock
Forks: Top Line Tubes 43mm R6 forks
Wheels: 19/19 Sun rims laced to stock hubs and spool
Trees: Weiss Racing
Bars: Vortex Racing 7/8
Risers: Weiss Racing
Throttle: Biltwell Whiskey 
Handgaurds: Cyca Pro bend
Tank: Omars Fiberglass Knight frame replica
Seat: Biltwell Cafe
Fender: Lowbrow Tsunami Fender
Rear Shocks: FOX 14.25 Podium shocks
Gearing: Stock gear chain drive from lowbrow
Exhaust: Cone Eng. 2 into 1
Air Cleaner: S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner
Ignition: Dynatek Electronics
Rotors: Lyndall Racing
Brakes: Brembo Calipers 
Footpegs: Biltwell Norman pegs
Number Plate: Maier
Tires: 19" Soft Compound Dunlop DT2 tires 
Sprocket Cover: Rusty Butcher Hard Parts