The Rusty Butcher Story:

Mark Atkins (@MarkTheButcher) is the face behind Rusty Butcher, a clothing and leather goods brand.
Growing up he started riding motocross at 3 yrs old, racing at 4 and it was only a matter of time before his
obsession with Harleys and love for jumping anything collided. Combining his brand and love for riding and you
have a truly unique individual that is leading the innovation in free riding and dirt track racing on Harley 
Davidson Motorcycles. Mark started his first clothing brand out of the garage at the age of 15 years old, soon after
that he found his passion and the career path that made sense in his head. Since then he has been a entrepreneur
on his own hustling the best way he knows. Clothing and Motorcycles have always been his passion and with Rusty
Butcher the two passions combine into a killer mix of energy that speaks for itself. 
 Rusty Butcher was started in 2013 to bring the simple manufacturing back to life. We make 100% of our leather goods in house and try to keep everything else as close knit as possible. We strive to bring a bitchen and long lasting product for you to rock for years to come. 


 Rusty Butcher Brand Video : The Real Deal

Biltwell "WTF with Rusty Butcher" Interview:


#TrackerTuesday for "Rusty Butcher" started out when Mark sold his dirt bike and began to get bored with his
"chopper" sportster. Soon after selling his Dirtbike, he turned to making his sporty into a more "motocross"
looking bike that could handle whatever he threw at it. Mark beefed up the suspension, put on a bigger
rear wheel, taller bars, stiffer fork springs, tons of Biltwell parts and the list goes on.  He ended up
bringing that bike to an abandoned MX track local to him for a little "test" ride. Soon after he launched
the video of him ripping around and noticed the boost of interaction and questions about the bike. He
ended up doing a video every week for the tag #TrackerTuesday. He built it up Bigger and Bigger each
week by seeing how far or what this Harley Davidson could handle. Some of his favorites include jumping
a freeway on-ramp, hitting drain pipes like whoops, doing a wall ride, hitting a 90ft table and tons of killer racing. 


Harley Davidson TV commercial Featuring "Rusty Butcher" :