RB Leather Factory Upgrades!

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This year I wanted to dive deeper into our craft of leather making. I have always made simple and durable belts with nothing other than a small logo stamp, classic but a little simple for me. I learned recently about "roll stamping" belts and found some machinery that would do so! These machines take a solid brass stamp that is machined out with the logo you desire and with pressure applied make amazing full roll stamp belts. We have purchased a few "stock" designs and I decided that wasn't enough and searched out a manufacture to make custom designs for us! I have added 3 custom designs to the roster and they look amazing!! Barbwire, chains & checkers are available for purchase on our awesome belts. Did I mention these suckers come with a lifetime warranty?

These belts are ALL handmade one a time by myself ( Mark The Butcher) in our little leather shop! The belts come in sizes 30-50 but if you need any larger or smaller size shoot us a message and we can help you out!

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