Flat Out Friday Hooligan Race

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We got the opportunity from rad dudes who put on a GREAT show/race to once again invade Milwaukee. Jonathan Griffith (A.K.A. Hot jon, the photo guy) and I started off the trip with Harley Davidson gracing us all with some 2017 Milwaukee Eight baggers to rip around to a local drag strip! Probably my first ride on a bagger and secretly, I'm hooked. haha Next day we had our first "Harley Hooligans" photo shoot at the HD HQ and got to fart around and have fun shooting our "glamour" shots as you would say. Later on in the day we ended up at the panther arena for some good ol' fashioned Dr. pepper syrup racing. What the hell is Dr. pepper syrup racing you say? Well, you get Dr. pepper syrup and put it in pesticide spraying bottles and spray it all over concrete, let it dry and boom, you have a sticky ass track thats the best to ride. I started off my day on that Street XG750 with a 1st place in my heat race that landed me straight to the main event. In the main I had a fire lit under my ass and came home with the 1st place win! Our own Hunter Klee took a digger in the main when his primary slid on the ground, he got right up like a champ and finished the race! Probably the most proud I have been of myself racing. Definitely was a great feeling to win on a HD in the hometown of where they are born. So much history comes from Milwaukee and I was proud to bring their new Street 750 to the winners circle. 

Link to the race that Harley Davidson broadcasted LIVE! Skip to about 35 minutes in to see the Hooligan Main. 



Want to say thank you to:

  • Harley Davidson
  • Flat out friday
  • Mama tried
  • Ryan Shway aka Vanilla Cycles
  • Gino at the HD museum  
  • Jonathan griffith 
  • Speed Merchant
  • ALL to all the dudes who bought me shots and beers and got me drunk!


Mark Atkins 

A.K.A. "The Butcher"




Hooligan Racing

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