Meet Crazy George

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So the other day I was riding to see my niece at chuck-E-cheese for her birthday and stopped off in the city I grew up in (Bellflower, CA) to get some gas in my shovel head. Before I can notice a older gentleman rides up on a 70s ish cafe racer kawasaki. (Keep in mind george is over 70 years old). He started talking with me and saying he owns a 1968 shovel as well and we have the same motor, then proceeds to pull out old photos stuffed in a book that he has of his bike and him in the 70s. By that time I'm stoked...tells me about old stories with him and Sugar Bear back in the day and also says he has some stuff laying around his "man cave". Soo...that being said I took a trip down there and pulled out a old dick allen springer, 3 NOS sets of generator pipes, s&s super B carb, and some old chopper books. Crazy George has a crazy amount of stories and I just had to document this...Pretty soon here I will be taking him flying model airplanes (his favorite thing to do, but cant because he can't lift them anymore).  Crazy George now resides in a old folks home where he rides his cafe racer around (with no baffles and pisses off the workers he says) in bellflower still. 




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