Swap Meet day...

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Last sunday was the monthly vet stadium swap meet down in long beach..I try to go to the swap once a month to make sure I blow all my money at the end of the month like a champ. So since I have this blog now I'm going to be documenting the "journey" now. Yes its a journey to wake up at 4:30 am with a few hours of sleep and load the van up and roll out. Something about treasure hunting at 5 am and getting stoked on buying parts and scoring shit for cheap always gives me a certain high that makes me forget I'm running on 4 hours of sleep. Well this swap I saw the coolest 45 flathead ever, scored a springer from the 20-30's, Vader wheel set, bates ribbed TT seat, bell helmet, 21 spool wheel, and a bates p-pad! Also ran into a old timer names mike that said he had some parts at his house so I ran down to his house after the swap and saw his gold mine and scored some good stuff (bates TT seat, tank, and bell helmet) Enjoy the photos!





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